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24/7 Flood Rescue Claremont Sewage damage cleanup

Sewer water in your home or business is a serious threat to your health and those around you. It’s best to contact the professionals at 24/7 Flood Rescue Claremont immediately.  Sewage harbors harmful pathogens with a myriad of threatening diseases you will want to avoid.  Call the certified technicians for 24 hour service, day or night – we’re always available for you!  We provide a service unmatched in the industry offering our customers off site storage to keep personal belongings safe during a restoration.  In addition, we offer 100% direct insurance billing and we’ll negotiate the best price for service with your insurance provider with no out of pocket expenses for you.  Call us today for a free estimate when you face sewage damage and need a professional cleanup crew.

We provide same day service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
What We Do For You:

  • Full assessment of the affected areas
  • Debris removal and cold water extraction
  • Hardwood floor drying
  • Deodorizing and sanitizing
  • Infrared camera locates hidden water pockets to ensure we located all sources of water damage
  • 100% Direct Insurance Billing

Causes of Sewage Damage

  • Toilet overflows
  • Sewage main backups
  • Sewer line leaks
  • Fire sprinkler failure
  • Appliance malfunctions

Tip For Homeowners:
Sewage flooding happens for multiple reasons, but to reduce the risk of sewage backups in your home or business, keep your plumbing system properly maintained. Avoid putting debris down drains, remove clogs at the first site of the issue, and replace aging pipes. These are preventative measures every home or business owner should take in order to avoid sewage damage cleanup. In the case that sewer water does invade your property, we have the expertise and state of the art equipment to get you back on track.


How We Can Help You!

We practice EPA regulation safe techniques to keep our environment healthy! By securing the affected area we will have our team set up containment systems to stop sewage water from seeping into other spaces. All items like furniture will be removed for decontamination. Then, we will perform cold water extraction and removal using powerful machines that pump out sewage solid and liquid waste. In order to get rid of the mildew smell and humidity in the air we utilize fans to evaporate water from the site and dehumidifiers to remove water from the air. The dryer we get the air the less likely mold is to stick to its surroundings. We will sanitize and deodorize the affected area properly to give you a fresh and clean scent after we leave.  Our final inspection is performed by certified technicians to investigate all contamination to ensure no sewage damage is overlooked. Using an infrared camera, we locate hidden water pockets that will negatively affect your property’s recovery process.

We’ll Get You Through An Emergency!
Our goal at 24/7 Flood Rescue Claremont is to get you through this water damage disaster with as little stress, damage and cost as possible. We are able to do this by hiring IICRC certified technicians who can perform any water damage restoration technique needed. We take the stress off of sewage damage cleanup by providing expert services, 24 hour contact and fast arrival times.  The key to reducing future damage is to act fast!  When you work with 24/7 Flood Rescue Claremont, we’ll provide you with:

  • A free estimate for service
  • Service descriptions and incident documentation
  • Disaster management recovery plans
  • Off site storage and debris removal
  • 100% Direct Insurance Billing
  • Great rates, even better service!

We take the health risk, so you don’t have to!  Contact 24/7 Flood Rescue Claremont for more information for professional sewage damage cleanup!  Call now (909) 667-0272

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